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You can choose from the latest fixed and removable orthodontic appliances at our Tallahassee office, including:

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Orthodontics for Children

Dr. Michael, Dr. Taylor, and our team at Redemption Orthodontics will treat your children like their own by giving them the best possible orthodontic care.

The American Association of Orthodontists and our doctors recommend that your child should get their first orthodontic evaluation at age seven.

Your child's teeth have developed enough by this age to allow our expert doctors at Redemption Orthodontics to spot problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth before your child loses all of their baby teeth.

Your child’s check-up with our team may reveal that their bite is fine, and early treatment isn’t necessary at this time.

Or, we may spot a developing problem and recommend monitoring your child's development. After that, we can begin treatment at the best time if Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor still think it’s appropriate for your child.

Early treatment at our office in Tallahassee may prevent or intercept more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated.

In some cases, our doctors can achieve results that may not be possible once your child’s face and jaws have finished growing, giving your child a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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Orthodontics for Teens

The most common time for orthodontic treatment for teens in Tallahassee is between the ages of 11-16. By this age, your teen’s bones and jaw structure are formed enough to allow orthodontic treatment to begin.

Experienced orthodontists like Dr. Michael and Dr. Taylor can easily recognize issues with spacing, crowding, bite, and alignment in this age range and give your teen the treatment that’s perfect for them.

Your teen can choose between Invisalign clear aligners, metal braces, or clear ceramic braces at Redemption Orthodontics. Each of these choices offers unique benefits while transforming your teen’s smile.

Straight teeth that respond well to orthodontic treatment at Redemption Orthodontics give your teenager tons of benefits, like:

  • Improving proper chewing and digestion of food
  • Reducing the chances of developing gum disease, which can result in bone loss, decay, and tooth loss
  • Teeth that are less prone to wear and tear, chipping, and trauma
  • Teeth that are easier to keep clean, helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities
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Orthodontics for Adults

You deserve a smile that makes you feel confident. Dr. Michael and Dr. Taylor believe that everyone is worthy of a smile they love and treatment that makes them feel seen.

We can correct orthodontic problems at Redemption Orthodontics just as easily for adults as for children. You’re never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment, so we offer orthodontic treatment for adults in Tallahassee.

Believe it or not, your teeth don’t stop moving after the teen years. Teeth that seemed straight and aligned in youth could have shifted later in life. This can cause jaw pain, trouble brushing, or a smile you’re unhappy with.

If you leave misaligned teeth untreated, you may end up with other dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. You may also notice abnormal wear on the surface of your teeth or that it’s difficult to chew normally.

Dr. Michael and Dr. Taylor can address these issues and more through orthodontic treatment, giving you the healthy smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Our doctors use orthodontic forces to move teeth in the same way for both adults and children, and you’ll notice the benefits of your treatment in no time.

Why Should You Think About Orthodontic Treatment?

Straight Teeth are Healthy

After your orthodontist properly aligns your teeth, it’s easier for you to keep them clean. This helps prevent other oral issues, including some problems that can affect your overall health.

A Straight Smile Builds Confidence & Self-Esteem

Successful orthodontic treatment at Redemption Orthodontics can help boost your self-confidence, create a better quality of life, and allow you to smile freely for maybe the first time.

Untreated Oral Issues Will Get Worse

If you refuse or delay orthodontic treatment when your doctor recommends it, you could deal with long-term health issues that may wind up costing you more in the end.

At Redemption Orthodontics, we understand that everyone we see will have different dental needs, so we provide personalized care tailored to your smile.

We’ll work diligently for you to make sure you receive the most appropriate treatment at our welcoming Tallahassee office.

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