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At Redemption Orthodontics, metal braces tend to be a very popular choice for getting a great smile. Metal braces have a long history of successfully straightening smiles at every age for patients all over Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.

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At Redemption Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the latest braces technology to our patients of all ages in Tallahassee, Fl, and surrounding areas.

Today's metal braces are smaller and lighter than ever before. Metal braces are great at correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues and you can enjoy a more comfortable treatment process at Redemption Orthodontics.

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More on Metal Braces

Most patients at Redemption Orthodontics choose traditional metal braces to straighten their teeth. This is because of their steely reputation for bringing patients a perfectly straight smile.

Before applying the brackets, Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor will collect photos and X-rays of your mouth. This will help us get a better look at each of your teeth and the layout of your gums and mouth.

If necessary, this process takes 10-15 minutes and provides an extremely accurate 3D view of your mouth.

After the X-Ray and optional scan, Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor will use this information to create your customized treatment plan. You may also learn some special tips and tricks to help you adjust to your new braces.

Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor will decide how to place the brackets based on the X-ray scans. Using the scans, Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor can place the brackets precisely on specific locations in your mouth to make sure your teeth are appropriately set.

Once the brackets have been attached, Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor will insert the wire. Bends in the wire will provide different types of pressure on different teeth. A bend in the wire is how most orthodontists cause-specific and precise movements.

Go for Seminole Gold

At Redemption Orthodontics, we are proud sponsors and the official orthodontist of the Florida State Seminoles! We offer gold braces with special garnet ties so you can support your Seminoles while sharing your beautiful smile.

These gold-colored brackets are as durable as standard metal braces and as discreet as ceramic braces. The unique color helps them blend in with your smile without being prone to breakage like ceramic brackets.

Champagne Braces

Going Metal?

A true staple to the world of orthodontics, Metal braces are a go-to option for many patients. The team at Redemption Orthodontics has the most up-to-date tools and technology for patients to ensure traditional metal braces straighten teeth while maintaining comfort.

During your first free consultation exam, your orthodontist, Dr. Michael or Dr. Taylor, will talk to you about which treatment would be the best fit for you based on your unique needs and smile goals.